Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Driver FAQ

Q. How much $ do I make?

A. Drivers are paid 70% of delivery fee for transporting food from restaurant to customer in the required hot bag.

If you choose to advertise for Texoma Delivery you can earn up to 100% of the delivery fee by doing the following:

  • 10% of delivery fee for advertising via Texoma Delivery shirt
  • 20% of delivery fee for advertising via car topper (plugged in and lit up)
    OR 10% of delivery fee for advertising via Magnets

Additional information regarding pay can be found in the driver contract.

Q. How often do I get paid?

A. For Instant payouts: Drivers are paid twice a week. Deliveries Tuesday – Thursday are paid out on Friday. Deliveries Friday – Monday are paid out on Tuesday. (Payments will hit your Instant card on Tuesday and Friday)
For paper check: Drivers are paid once a week. Deliveries Tuesday – Monday are paid on Tuesday. (Please allow 7-10 business days to receive a paper check)

Q. How do I get Texoma Delivery gear (shirt, bag, car topper) ?

A. Please see our Gear Page, to order your swag! Any equipment ordered will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days.

Q. Do I have to carry change?

A. No, we do not accept Cash from the customer unless of course it is a tip.

Q. Do I have to pay the restaurant?

A. Depends on the restaurant. We have partnered and non-partnered restaurants. Please read the driver instructions on the app for each order.

Do I need to use a Hot Bag?

Per your driver contract, you are required to carry your hot bag into the restaurant, the food should be placed in the hot bag after it has been checked, and food should not be removed from the hot bag until it is being handed to the customer

Do I need to check my order?

Yes. Texoma Delivery takes great pride in customer service and order accuracy. Please be sure you are checking your orders. If items are missing and it was something the driver should have caught you will lose 10 points on your driver rating and will not receive the delivery fee. If it happens again before 20 orders we will no longer use your services. Please remember this is the last mile of the delivery process and we have all worked hard up to this point, please don’t forget any items.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, please be sure you are dressing appropriately when taking deliveries; no gym shorts, no pajama pants, no leggings, no flip flops, no tank tops. Please remember you are representing Texoma Delivery. *GET YOUR GEAR* Friendly reminder: If you advertise by wearing a Texoma Delivery shirt you can make an additional 10% of the delivery fee! Car magnets are also an additional 10%! Order here:

Do I need to get the Customer’s Signature?

Yes, please be sure you are getting Customer Signatures for all your orders (When Customer is present). The signature screen is at the bottom of the page before you click Delivered. You must click Get Signature, then click the Customers name, then they put their signature and then you click save. Be sure to click the Customer’s name and not Family or Other. Then click Delivered after you save the signature.

Am I able to bring a Pet / Service Animal?

NO. Please be sure you are not taking deliveries with pets in your car. This includes Service Pets. We are in the business of handling customers’ food. Per the health dept, for sanitation reasons we are not allowed to have pets riding in the car when taking deliveries.

What if I have issues with a restaurant or Customer?

Please remain professional and do not cause a scene. At the completion of the delivery please submit a support ticket at and the issue be addressed by management.

What if I go rogue and don’t follow proper driver protocol?

If we see or hear of any of the above not being followed or if we are made aware of an issue concerning your actions your driver rating will be decreased and or deactivated. You can see your driver rating on your weekly report or the account screen on your app. Orders are assigned to drivers that are the closest and have the higher driver rating. Driver ratings range from 55 to 75. If your rating reaches 55 we will no longer use your services. Not having issues will cause your rating to increase. Thank you all


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